Who is Safe Backyards?


SafeBackyards.com represents New Jersey residents who are opposed to Senate Bill S1181 (2010-2011 legislative session). The bill reduces the current bow safety buffer zone surrounding homes and other occupied dwellings to a mere 150 feet.

We are gardeners, hikers, environmentalists, horse enthusiasts, animal protectionists, bird watchers, cyclists, dog walkers, and families who are deeply concerned by the proximity of razor-tipped, broadhead arrows a stone's throw from our houses, properties, companion animals, wildlife, and the people we love.

We encourage organizations and individuals to join us by contacting
info@safebackyards.com. And we thank you for your interest. We also extend our appreciation to all who have joined us in speaking out against what is occurring in Trenton.

Because this website addresses the influence of out-of-state front-groups, we are proud to state openly that SafeBackyards.com is sponsored by the Animal Protection League of New Jersey (APLNJ), a registered 501(c)3, established in New Jersey since 1983.

A recipient of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation's Scott McVay Unity Award, APLNJ is a community based, non-profit, educational organization that has for 26 years worked with and assisted scores of animal welfare, companion animal rescue groups, rehabilitators, and animal protection organizations throughout the state. APLNJ's dedicated staff directly participated in Hurricane Katrina animal rescue operations. 

Our purpose is simple: we believe that animals are individuals entitled to compassion, and respect. APLNJ's wildlife protection initiatives are based upon the views of John Muir, the founder of the modern preservation movement, who opposed commercial control of our public old growth forests, and the animals who dwell within. Famously, Muir, the “father” of conservation (preservation), called hunting “the murder business,” as gun makers took control of U.S. wildlife agencies and laws.

Through our programs of promoting objective science, ethical consumerism, environmentalism, and government regulatory policy free from conflict of interest,  we advocate for responsible change that greatly enhances the quality of life for animals.

Because of our advocacy and protection programs, we know all too well the impact of broadhead arrows on wildlife. (LINK) We know, too, that dangerous, razor-tipped, frequently errant projectiles do not belong near families, houses, and businesses.

For more on our work, including veterinary assistance for the indigent; help for dogs, cats and other animals in need, and wildlife advocacy programs, please visit: www.aplnj.org.