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Citizens Beware of "NJOA's Citizens Beware safebackyards.com"

Smearing respected humane leaders must be almost as stimulating as killing a rare nyala, or a 30-ounce duck. And right up there with abridging private property rights so that hunters may shoot into our backyards, endangering our families and our companion animals. Hunting is a privilege, not a "right." And it does not belong in the suburbs. Only fanatics feel entitled to shoot at will, amongst houses and families.

For New Jersey Outdoor Alliance's industry-funded, smear group colleagues who attack Mothers Against Drunk Driving, see "Who's Behind These Bills." There is no "below the belt" for Anthony Mauro. He continues to perpetrate lies about Sierra Club, Humane Society of the United States, and Animal Protection League. The federal government has apologized for mis-information doubtless provided by above groups to tarnish opponents, instead of dealing with facts.

It takes chutzpah for the “chairman” of an astroturf front for ammo and gun companies to call anyone a “huckster,” let alone attempt to define a 24-7 pre-occupation with killing and maiming defenseless wildlife and abridging property rights to do it --as “sound science, " the latest excuse offered by the ecologically illiterate "Chairman" Mauro.


Bill Wolfe, owner of WolfeNotes.com, takes on Mauro:


September 10th, 2009 at 16:57

Thank you Mr. Mauro – as I noted, your press release is a paranoid rant that is essentially an attack on many NJ environmental groups in terms of implying that they support or are “ecoterrorists:.

I never said your press release included the Obama health care event photo’s.

As I wrote, I was just making the point that there are crazy paranoid people involved in NJ politics. NJOA included.

I suspect that you are commenting here now in response to the fact that I just sent your press release to NJ Audubon and other conservation groups. I don’t know how those groups can work in a coalition with a group like NJOA that calls them ecoterrorists.



So, meet the Christie environmental transition team – we must note one error: I worked with John Trela while he was at DEP and he was never DEP Commissioner. I worked with John Spinello while he was at DEP (before he went to EPA with Christie Whitman) – he is highly competent, but has been known to be an “environmental hit man“. I worked with Rhea Brekke while she was at DEP and will be kind and just say I am not impressed. Anthony Mauro has right wing tendencies – he accused NJ environmental groups of “providing cover for eco-terrorists“. See this blog post and exchange I had with Mr. Mauro. (November 25, 2009)

Congressional Candidate Links Colts Neck Gun PAC to "Seedy Underside of New Jersey Politics"


Excerpts from a taped phone conversation between New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) Chairman, Anthony Mauro, and another individual who taped the conversation, expose the seedy, underside of New Jersey politics, and detail how Senator Adler and Trenton insiders like Speaker Joe Roberts and Senate President Dick Codey traded promises of legislative favors to secure Adler endorsements in the 3rd Congressional District race this year.

Job-creating businessman and decorated combat veteran Chris Myers says the recording “provides a glimpse into how Trenton works when you’re connected, and how the concerns of ordinary taxpayers and citizens get ignored.”

Myers said Adler’s endorsement by the NJOA was particularly puzzling because of Adler’s long history of being anti-hunting and anti-2nd Amendment in Trenton. Adler actually sponsored legislation to ban the black bear hunt, sponsored legislation to ban handgun ownership by everyone other than “authorized persons” like law enforcement and the military, or people who could prove a “justifiable need,” and received an “F” grade from the National Rifle Association in this congressional race. (see proof below)

“One listen to the tape, and it all becomes crystal clear,” said Myers, who pointed out he had publicly suspected Adler and other Trenton insiders of rigging endorsements, but lacked hard proof until now. “Adler and his Trenton pals traded legislative access and action for endorsements and it’s a disgrace. I wonder how the rank and file members of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance feel knowing they were sold out, and told to vote for someone who has been historically opposed to the issues they hold most dear.”

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For good measure, please visit: www.christiescorruption.com.  


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